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Secret Service

All Stillwater Public School Students in Grades 8th through 12th are invited to Join us in the

Secret Service Challenge!

Secret Service Video

How it Works: 

  1. Each Monday, The Google Form Link will be updated with a new small task of kindness to complete. There will be a different task for each grade. You can complete this task once each day for credit, but must do so in secret, because….
  2. Your teachers are trying to catch on to what your task is! If they figure it out and email the Ag Teachers the task is dead, the google form will no longer accept responses, and you will need to wait til the next Monday for the next task.
  3. Here are the links, you can fill them out once each day!
    1. 8th Grade –
    2. 9th Grade –
    3. 10th Grade –
    4. 11th Grade –
    5. 12th Grade –