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8th Grade - Scavenger Hunt

8th Grade Class – FFA Race!

Instructions – For the week of September 8th – 11th, information and clues will be posted each day. Updated at 8:00 a.m. each morning, use this material to complete your assignment for the week!

8th Grade Scavenger Hunt – Day #2


1st Place - MaKenzy Serna 

2nd Place - Cale Webber

3rd Place - Kyla Walker

4th Place - Tagen Chadrick 

5th Place - Mez Barth and Adria Spaulding


We have prizes at the end of the week for those who place at the top. Lets see how competitive that you are!

Thursday – September 10th 

Here are some Amazing FFA Leadership Opportunities:

  • Oklahoma FFA Alumni Leadership Camp - This is the summer leadership camp put on by FFA. Each session has about 400 people with the goal of pushing you outside of your comfort zone to grow as a leader. This event includes a ropes course, water olympics, team building challenges, hypnotist show and much much more! This is Mr. Branscum’s favorite FFA Activity!
  • Opening Ceremonies Team – This contest is for 8th and 9th Grade FFA members in which each member is assigned an officer role and carry out the opening ceremonies. This is a great introduction to public speaking where you can be a part of a team instead of being alienated
  • State FFA Convention – At the end of this school year during the last week in April, the top 40 Stillwater FFA members from this year are selected based on who the most involved have been. This takes place in Oklahoma City, OK in Bricktown. We stay there in a hotel for 2 nights, work at the regional food bank, listen to amazing speakers, go through a career fair, and miss 3 days of school. This is a reward to our members who work so hard during the year. 
  • National FFA Convention  – This is the largest gathering of high school students in the nation with over 67,000 students gathering in Indianapolis, IN for the National FFA Convention. This takes place in October and we take students are state champions and have qualified to compete at the national contests. For those 8th graders who win a state contest this year, you would qualify to attend next year. We also see some awesome tours such as bee farm, Indianapolis Speedway, apple orchards, and many more
  • Prepared Speaking – For 8th graders, this is the ultimate test in public speaking. You write and memorize a 4-6 minute speech and present it to a room of 3 judges.
  • Agriscience Fair - Another great test in public speaking. Students conduct a year-long ag – science fair project and present it to judges along with their board. You can do this by yourself or in groups of 2
  • FFA Meetings – We have an awesome list of meetings and activities that we do in a typical year. Check out our link of activities for this year –
  • Glencoe 8th Grade Leadership Conference – This is a great leadership conference for our 8th grade students that is put on here at the Fairgrounds by Glencoe FFA in January. Students miss a day of school to meet new people from across the state and step out of their comfort zones!

Friday – September 11th

Things that ALL FFA Members Should Know

  • ​The official FFA Colors are – National Blue and Corn Gold
  • The FFA Motto is these four lines:
    • ​Learning to Do
    • Doing to Learn
    • Earning to Live
    • Living to Serve
  • ​​The Official FFA Magazine is the “FFA New Horizons” and is sent out four times per year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer editions). As FFA members, you will all recieve one of these in the mail. Check out the latest edition ( and make a note of the something interesting that you learned from an article. You will share that on today’s quiz
  • Throughout this year – We are hosting our FFA Mentoring Program which partners up Older (10th – 12th)  and Younger (8th and 9th)  FFA Members Together to help keep our sense of FFA Family – Sign up Today! –
  • At the end of the year, we host our Chapter FFA Banquet which recognizes all of our members after a great year. We invite all members and their families. We have a great dinner (usually some BBQ), awards given to our members, and some laughs. One award that is given out to our members:
    • The Discovery FFA Degree – is a Medal given to all of our 8th Grade Members that have finished the year in AG/FFA
    • Star Discovery Award – This award is given to our top 8th Grade FFA Member from the year!

Wednesday, September 9th

Today’s focus is going to be about CDE Contests or Career Development Events. These are contest in FFA that you can compete in to win awards/money, learn skills for future jobs, and have a ton of fun going to events around the state country.

In the fall months, the one contest that is currently avaiable is Opening Ceremonies. This consists of a team of 6, 8th & 9th Graders who each have an officer position and recite the FFA Opening Ceremonies. This is an awesome introduction to public speaking. We are starting this contest THIS THURSDAY with 2 try out slots at the AG Building (10 a.m. and 4 p.m.). I would very much encourage you to come try out and learn some public speaking skills.


In the spring months, we offer an insane number of contests. Check out this link for more information on each contest area. Decide which one sounds the most intersting to you –

Tuesday – September 8th – What is this FFA that you Speak of?

What is the difference between AG Class and FFA?

- Agriculture Class works to teach you through hands-on lessons (in a non-Covid year) through projects such as Ag Mechanics, Plant Science, Animal Science, Food Science, and more. The goal is teach you about agriculture so that you can be more informed as a consumer and possibly look at a career in agriculture

- FFA is the student organization that takes place outside of school and focus on leadership. This involves fun meetings, leadership camps and conferences, community service, scholarships (the exact amount is covered in the video), competitions, and much more. There are so many opportunities to help you break out of your shell and there is for sure something for everyone!

How did this FFA Organization get started?

  • AG Classes (Not FFA) started in 1917. This was a much different world at the time as guys signed up for Vocational Agriculture (Vo-Ag) Classes with the sole purpose to teach you to go straight into an Ag career such as farming or welding. Females took “Home-Ec” to learn how to care for their families (once again, MUCH different world back then)
  • In 1928, 33 Farm Boys from 18 States met at the American Royal Livestock Show in Kansas City, Missouri to start a club for farming called the Future Farmers of America. This was the first National FFA Convention. Fast forward to 2019, when 67,000 FFA members met at the National FFA Convention
  • Each year, FFA has added more and more activities that help reach people from all walks of life – even those who have no interest in farming. To show that FFA is about more than just farming, in 1988 the name changed from Future Farmers of America to just FFA.

FFA is led by a group of 6 officers and the advisor(s). Lets look at their positions and symbols

  1. President – Stationed by the Rising Sun – The president is the face of the chapter and represents us at all major functions. They appoint committees, oversee the meeting, and lead the opening ceremonies. 
  2. The Vice President – is stationed by Plow – The vice president is the second in command and takes over if the president is gone. While the prez appoints the committees, the VP oversees them and makes sure that they get the job done 
  3. The Secretary – Stationed by the Ear of Corn – The secretary is the organized one. They post the meeting’s agenda and take minutes during the meeting. They keep attendance records to see who all is active in FFA. 
  4. The Treasurer – Stationed by the Emblem on Washington – The Treasurer is in charge of keeping all the money and financial records for the organization. 
  5. Reporter – The Reporter is Stationed by the Flag – The reporter is in charge of getting the word out about FFA. They are tasked with serving as the photographer, maintaining our social media pages, and sending in FFA news articles to the newspaper 
  6. Sentinel – The Sentinel is Stated by the Shield of Friendship which is by the door. The sentinel is tasked with keeping the room in order and making sure everyone is in line and behaving. But they are also the greeters who welcomes everyone in as they arrive 
  7. Advisor – This is the FFA Advisors or Ag Teachers – “Being older than the rest of you, we are asked to advise you from time to time as the need arrises”
  8. Additional offices that we also have – The Parliamentarian, Chaplain, Historian