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FFA Competitions

In FFA, we offer a wide range of competitions for members to take part in. Read these desciptions and see which one fits you!


Fall FFA Competitions

  • Opening Ceremonies – For 8th and 9th Grade FFA Members only! This is a great introduction to public speaking where members group up in teams of 6 to recite the FFA opening and closing ceremonies
  • Commerical Cattle Grading – For those interested in cattle, livestock , or sale barns this is for you. We spend the days in sale barns learning how to evaluate animals based of frame size, muscling, and growth potention. We practice each week at the Perkins Sale Barn.
  • FFA Greenhand Quiz – For 9th Grade FFA Members Only – This single member competition allows students to learn FFA history and information. They compete in a Spelling-Bee Type Contest

Spring FFA Competitions:

  • Agriscience Fair – For students that love science, this allows you to combine science with agriculture by conducting projects. This could include running tests on animals, plants, welding, food, soil, how people think, and so much more. Contact Mr. Branscum today to start your Agriscience Fair Project!
  • Agricultural Communications – Students interested in journalism, broadcasting, web design and more learn to communicate effectively while advocating for agriculture.
  • Ag Issues Forum – Participants research the pros and cons of an agricultural issue and present their findings to a panel of judges.. Think speech and debate meets FFA
  • Ag Mechanics – This combines woodworking, electricity, and welding
  • Employment Skills – This single person contest helps students learn how to apply for, interview, and follow up for an Ag related job. This is a skill that all students need to hone in on!
  • Extemporaneous Public Speaking – Students draw a topic and have 30-minutes to prepare a 4-6 minute speech. Definitely for those who can think fast on their feet!
  • Floriculture – Students identify plants, judge flower arrangements and solve problems using skills important to horticulture and floral careers.
  • Food Science and Technology – Students display an in-depth understanding of food product development, food presentation and food safety issues
  • Livestock Judging– Students judge classes of four livestock of the following species: goats, sheep, cattle, and swine. They then, share prepared reasons for their placings
  • Meats Judging – Students learn cuts of meat, cooking methods, as well as how to evaluate carcasses and meat cuts based on quality and yield
  • Milk Quality and Products – If you have seen Napoleon Dynamite, this is that contest! Participants in the Milk Quality and Products CDE demonstrate their knowledge about the quality production, processing, distribution, promotion and marketing of milk and dairy foods.
  • Parliamentary Procedure – During the Parliamentary Procedure LDE, teams conduct a mock chapter meeting to demonstrate their knowledge of basic parliamentary law and the correct use of parliamentary procedures.
  • Poultry Evaluation – The Poultry Evaluation CDE test students’ skills in the production, processing, and marketing of chickens, turkeys, processed poultry products and eggs.
  • Public Speaking – Students identify and write a speech over an agricultural topic and present it to a panel of 3 judges
  • Veterinary Science – The Veterinary Science CDE provides opportunities for participants to develop technical knowledge and demonstrate practical skills in the field of veterinary science.